Can I use ‘should’ and ‘must’ in OET speaking roleplay?

Can I use ‘should’ and ‘must’ in OET speaking roleplay?

This question is trending throughout the years. It spreads like an outbreak and reaches the candidate in no time, creating a panic situation. Even the well-prepared candidates will be confused hearing so. Some may even lose hope and tends to concentrate on not using ‘must’ and ‘should’. 

Along with the message they will find and attach words to replace ‘should’ and ‘must’. It will spread like you should use need, important, essential, necessary, appropriate, etc. instead of ‘should’ and ‘must’.

The reason they state for excluding ‘should’ and ‘must’ is that they make the conversation commanding and hence becomes rude in nature. Do you think so? Take a look at the sentences below:

Nurse: I certainly acknowledge your words, Mossy. Perhaps, you should try to convince your father about the necessity of getting consulted with the doctor.

Is this sentence rude? 

Or, is it conveys the utmost importance to the content of the discussion.


OET official in 2019, came up with the clarification to end this concoct. Official OET in their YouTube channel clearly conveys the message regarding the same.

‘Should’ and ‘Must’ are the words that can be used very effectively when speaking. Particularly while providing advice to the patient about lifestyle changes, risks to do with lifestyle changes, and other relevant occasions. So absolutely they are possible to be used where appropriate.

Kindly stop believing those untruthful stories. Spend your valuable time sharpening your skills for your exam.

Is it mandatory to avoid should and must in OET speaking?

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