Capitalization Rules in OET

OET Capitalization Rule
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Capitalization Rule in OET

Capital letter or small letter? When I should use capital letter in OET. Do I loose mark for wrong capitalization? Uppercase or lowercase in OET?

Most of the OET aspirants are confused with capitalization rule  in OET. Here we are discussing the capitalization rule in OET.

Rule 1

Capitalize trade names of drugs and any other manufactured products:

✓ Aspirin 
✓ Tylenol
✓ Valium

Do not capitalize the generic names of drugs:

✓ acetaminophen 
✓ acetylsalicylic acid

Rule 2

Capitalize a personal name that forms part of such a term: 

✓ Alzheimer disease
✓ Down syndrome

Do not capitalize the names of conditions, syndromes and the like.

✓ chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
✓ diabetes insipidus

Rule 3

Capitalize the names of infectious organisms: 

✓ Currently, people are being attacked by Salmonella. 

Do not capitalize the names of conditions based upon names:

✓ He is likely to suffer from salmonellosis.

Rule 4

Capitalize the names of faculties, departments, services, programs and committees when you write them in full.

✓ Neurology Department 
✓ Faculty of Medicine
✓ Department of Epidemiology and Community Medicine 
✓ Information Management Services

Rule 5

Capitalize nouns and adjectives referring to race, tribe, nationality and language: 

✓ As a bilingual investigator, she works in both Anglophone and Francophone communities.

✓ He learned to speak Cree because it was the only language his grandmother spoke. 

✓ Coronary heart disease is more common among Caucasian populations.

✓ Discuss social factors affecting the health of Inuit children.

Rule 5

Capitalize only the word Celsius when writing the names of SI/metric units in full. When using symbols, capitalize only those based on personal names and the letter L for liter:

✓ -1°C (degree Celsius)

✓ 175 lb. (pounds)

✓ 30 m (meters)

✓ 12 V (volts)

✓ 30 L (liters)

Rule 6

Capitalize the first letter in disciplines and subject areas only in an official academic unit title:

✓ School of Psychology

✓ Department of Social Sciences

Do not capitalize the names of subject areas and disciplines.

✓ She is interested in paediatrics. 

✓ Students should read articles on epidemiology in their spare time.

Rule 7

Capitalize when it refers to a specific institution:

✓ The University of Ottawa is home to the only bilingual medical school in the world. The University also boasts a state-of-the-art simulation center.

Do not capitalize when it is simply a common noun:

✓ Richard has balanced university life with volunteering for a number of organizations.

and when you pluralize it, even before a series of specific institution names:

✓ The conference attracted students from the universities of Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.

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