Comma Rules

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Functions of Comma (,)

The Comma (,) Rules With Examples

  1. Use To Separate Items in a Series

Example: I need to buy eggs, milk, bread, and crackers.

  1. Use Before Coordinating Conjunctions (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so)

Example: Mark loves cars, so he’s going to buy one.

  1. Use When Quoting Someone 

Example: “Let’s order a pizza,” said Joey.

  1. Use After Introductory Clauses and Phrases 

Example: Because Naomi loves cats, she’s fostering kittens.

  1. Use After Introductory Adverbs and Mild Interjections

Example: Yes, I know where that restaurant is

  1. Use To Highlight Non-Defining Clauses

Example: Jill, who goes to school with my cousin, plays lacrosse.

  1. Use To Separate Coordinate Adjectives

Example: The adorable, sweet, and loving baby giggled.


  1. Use To Address Someone Directly

Example: Stop annoying me. June!

  1. Use When Indicating Negation

Example: We moved to Idaho, not Utah.

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