How do you write – 3

How do you write – 3

Write the introduction paragraph.



Write a letter to the care home manager about your patient Mihira, who had hip replacement surgery 3 days ago. She needs care for 3 months. You have already spoken to the care home manager about the patient.


Thank you for accepting Ms. Mihira, who is recuperating from hip replacement surgery. As discussed during the phone call, she requires three months of ongoing care and management.

Let’s break down the sentence construction:

1. “Thank you for accepting Ms. Mihira”: This is the opening phrase expressing gratitude to the care home manager for accepting Ms. Mihira into their care facility.

2. “who is recuperating from a hip replacement surgery”: This is a relative clause that provides additional information about Ms. Mihira. It tells us the reason for her need to be in a care home – she is in the process of recovering after having undergone hip replacement surgery.

3. “As discussed during the phone call”: This part indicates that there was a previous phone call between the writer (presumably a healthcare professional or someone involved in the patient’s care) and the care home manager, during which important details about Ms. Mihira’s care requirements were discussed.

4. “she requires three months of ongoing care and management”: This is the main point of the sentence. It states that Ms. Mihira needs continuous care and management for a duration of three months.

Overall, the sentence effectively introduces the subject of the letter (Ms. Mihira) and outlines her current condition, the previous communication between the writer and the care home manager, and the specific duration of care needed.



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