IELTS Direct Question Essay

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IELTS Direct Question Essay (Two Question Essay)

IELTS direct question essay is also known as Two Question Essay. However, in this type of essay, One, Two or Three questions can be asked.

Three important things to do in IELTS direct question essay.

  • Answering all the questions fully.
  • Outlining all the answers in the introduction.
  • Balance the essay by giving equal weightage for all questions asked.

IELTS Direct Question Essay Structure

Introduction Paragraph
  • Paraphrase the question.
  • Statement for 1st Question
  • Statement for 2nd Question
Body Paragraph 1
  • Topic sentence for 1st question.
  • Answer 1st question
  • Explain the first question
  • Give example.
Body Paragraph 2
  • Topic sentence for 1st question.
  • Answer 2nd question
  • Explain the second question
  • Give example.
Conclusion Paragraph
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