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Talk about a time you missed an important meeting

Talk about a time you missed an important meeting, such as a medical appointment or a meeting with a friend. You should say

– what the meeting was

– who you were meeting

– why you missed it

– and explain how you felt about it.


With every passing year, humans are getting busier due to competition and lifestyle changes. It has become quite common, nowadays, for most people to forget things and work as they have more things to manage and less time to sort them out.

When and where did it happen?

I usually remember all my things, work and appointments, prioritise and organise each of them and maintain a balance. But here, I would like to talk about a situation when I forget to attend a meeting.

What was the appointment for?

I had a meeting in the hospital where I work to discuss antisocial working hours for nurses. After a week’s strike, finally, the meeting has been arranged. Yes, the meeting was such an important one and I was one of the nurse’s representatives out of four.

Who you were meeting?

As the nurses bridge different departments of healthcare, heads of all departments, doctors and we the nurse’s representatives were attending to discuss with management. Moreover, time for health professionals is very precious. So the meeting will be held only for 30 minutes and begins at 2 pm sharp. 

Why you missed it?

Sadly, on the day before the meeting, my grandma was hospitalized due to hip injury following a fall in the garden. I caught up with the conversation about her treatment with my family, as we received the scan report. And had to make some urgent decisions as she was in pain. By that time, the official meeting had started and already it was 2:20 pm when I realised I had missed the meeting.

Explain how you felt about it.

Since my grandma was admitted to the hospital where I work, my colleagues were aware of it. In addition, we have already had several meetings with all the nurses directly and online, hence everyone has clear pictures of the information, and what we are going to put forward. Therefore, my absence was not echoed. However, I felt disappointed because I missed a proud opportunity to be one of the nurse’s representatives, and speak for the community. On the other hand, I feel reassured that it was for my grandma.

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