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Writing Task Sample – 1

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You recently moved to a new house and you want to invite an old friend to stay with you. Write a letter to your friend.

In your letter,

Invite him to stay and suggest a date.
Briefly describe the new house and garden.
Say why you like your new house

You should write at least 150 words.

Sample Letter

Dear Jimmy, 

How are you doing dear? I have great news for you. Finally, I have shifted to my new house. It’s a beautiful two-story house near the park where we used to play during our childhood.  

It has a beautiful garden with flowers of all colors.  I know you don’t believe me. Why don’t you come and check it out yourself? I wish you could stay over for a week. It has 5 rooms in total and my room is the most spacious one. We even have a PlayStation where we could spend our time busy playing. The kitchen is also so spacious and we could do baking together. 

Besides, I may need your help in arranging books and other stuff. You are much more creative than me and am sure you could help me with the interior design too. How about this Sunday?  You can come anytime you want, but this would be most convenient for me.

I am looking forward to meeting you soon and I hope that you can come as soon as possible.

With lots of love


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