‘Initiated physiotherapy’ or ‘started physiotherapy’

‘Initiated physiotherapy’ or ‘started physiotherapy’


For a formal context, you can use more specific and professional language to describe the start of physiotherapy.

Here are some formal alternatives:

1. “Commenced physiotherapy”: This implies a formal and deliberate beginning of the physiotherapy process.

Example: “Following the medical assessment, the treatment plan commenced with physiotherapy sessions to address the patient’s mobility issues.”

2. “Embarked on a course of physiotherapy”: This phrasing emphasizes the patient’s commitment to starting and completing a series of physiotherapy sessions.

Example: “After the injury diagnosis, the athlete embarked on a course of physiotherapy to optimize their rehabilitation process.”

3. “Administered physiotherapy”: This indicates that physiotherapy is being applied or provided by a healthcare professional to the patient.

Example: “The patient underwent surgery, and afterward, the doctor administered physiotherapy to aid in their recovery and rehabilitation.”

Remember that formal language should be clear, concise, and professional. Use terminology that is appropriate for the context and the audience you are addressing. Each phrase subtly emphasizes the professional and structured nature of the physiotherapy process.




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