OET Listening Bits-10

OET Listening Bits-10



What is the main challenge in effective migraine management?

A) Lack of public awareness and education

B) Treatment resistance and comorbidities

C) Insufficient research and interdisciplinary collaboration



The correct answer is B) Treatment resistance and comorbidities.


Explanation: The audio states, “Novel therapeutic interventions targeting specific molecular pathways show promise, but treatment resistance and comorbidities remain challenges.” This statement explicitly highlights that the main challenge in effective migraine management is dealing with treatment resistance (when treatments become less effective over time) and managing comorbidities (the presence of other medical conditions alongside migraine). Option B correctly identifies these challenges mentioned in the paragraph. Option A mentions public awareness and education, which is not specifically mentioned as a main challenge. Option C refers to research and interdisciplinary collaboration, which are important aspects but are not stated as the primary challenge in managing migraines.





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