OET Listening Bits 12

OET Listening Bits 12

Which statement accurately characterizes the amygdala’s role in paranoia?

A) The amygdala is activated due to hyper-vigilance.

B) The amygdala heightens cognitive distortions.

C) The amygdala’s influence leads to psychopathological conditions.


B) The amygdala heightens cognitive distortions.


The given paragraph discusses paranoia and its psychological aspects, particularly how an overactive amygdala contributes to the cognitive distortions associated with paranoia. In the paragraph, it is mentioned that “Such cognitive distortions, fueled by an overactive amygdala, can result in social isolation.”

Option B) “The amygdala heightens cognitive distortions” accurately captures this aspect. The amygdala’s overactivity leads to the exaggeration of cognitive distortions, which are irrational and exaggerated beliefs that individuals with paranoia may hold. This heightened response in the amygdala amplifies the perception of threat and contributes to the overall experience of paranoia.

Options A) and C) do not accurately capture the role of the amygdala as described in the paragraph. Option A) suggests that the amygdala is activated due to hyper-vigilance, but the paragraph doesn’t explicitly state this cause-effect relationship. Option C) implies a direct causal link between the amygdala’s influence and the development of psychopathological conditions, which is not specifically mentioned in the paragraph.

Therefore, option B) is the most accurate characterization of the amygdala’s role in paranoia based on the information provided in the paragraph.



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