OET Listening Bits 17

OET Listening Bits 17


What does she advise her colleague to do? 

A. Check the wound for signs of infection and bleeding. 

B. Monitor the patient’s blood glucose and cholesterol levels. 

C. Change the pressure dressing and ice pack every hour.


A. Check the wound for signs of infection and bleeding.


There is an advice that the nurse gives to her colleague, as wound care is an important part of post-operative management. The nurse also mentions the patient’s diabetes, high cholesterol, aspirin allergy, anesthesia, antibiotics, ice, pressure dressing, and saline infusion, but these are not advices, rather routine interventions for a patient with a minor surgery. The mild swelling and redness around the wound are normal signs of healing, but they could also indicate infection or bleeding if they worsen or persist. Therefore, the nurse advises her colleague to check the wound for signs of infection and bleeding.



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