OET Reading Sample 31 Answers

OET Reading Sample 31 Answers


Paragraph 1:

  1. c) Compassion advances a deep link between medics and patients.

Paragraph 2:

  1. b) To highlight how compassion affects stress in caregivers and patients.

Paragraph 3:

  1. c) It highlights the challenge of understanding patients’ experiences and emotions from their perspective.

Paragraph 4:

  1. d) To underscore the significance of personal transformation in achieving compassionate care.

Paragraph 5:

  1. c) Integrating compassion training as a core component of medical education.

Paragraph 6:

  1. c) Empirical research supports the idea that compassion improves patient outcomes.

Paragraph 7:

  1. a) Healthcare professionals and programs.

Paragraph 8:

  1. a) The writer believes that compassion has a role in finding peace.

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