Crack OET Reading Part A: Your 10-Step Guide to Success

10 Steps to Succeed in OET Reading Part A - Mihiraa

Crack OET Reading Part A: Your 10-Step Guide to Success


Keep these 10 steps aside and practice OET Reading Part A to see improvement. 

Note: If you’re trying this approach for the first time, you might find it straightforward but time-consuming. However, as you progress, you’ll find the pace quickening, making it much easier to complete Part A in under 12 minutes. Give it a try now!

Time is precious, so let’s find those answers efficiently!

Step 1: Get the gist.

What to look for?

  • Don’t waste time reading the entire text initially. Instead, quickly scan for:
    • Headings, subheadings, tables, images, and graphs: Grasp the main topics and supporting details.
    • Abbreviations and units: Understand key terms and measurements.
    • Numerals: Dates, percentages, and other numbers can hold important clues.
Step 2: Skip Matching Paragraph First. Do it at last (Matching Paragraphs, usually 1-7).
  • While attending last, these questions might be easy to find answers to and can save time.
Step 3: Be a keyword detective.
  • Read the question carefully and underline only relevant keywords, not just any words.
  • Ask yourself: what specific information are they asking for?
Step 4: Choose your search party wisely.
  • Pick 2-3 keywords, ideally less common ones. Remember, more specific is better!
  • This helps narrow down your search area quickly.
Step 5: Where’s the most likely suspect?
  • Analyze the question and keywords. Which paragraph logically contains the answer based on the topic?
  • Focus your search there first.
Step 6: Let’s hunt for clues, Not Just Words!
  • Thoroughly scan the chosen paragraph fully for your selected keywords.
  • If you find them, do they align with the question’s intent when found?
Step 7: Is it a match? Double-Check! 
  • If all your keywords fit and make sense in context, you’ve likely found the answer!
  • Double-check to ensure it fully addresses the question.
Step 8: Or else, the search continues…
  • If your keywords are missing, don’t panic! Move on to the next relevant paragraph.
  • Remember, information might be spread across the text.
Step 9: Found it in another section? Confirm the Match!
  • Great! Apply step 7 (is it a match?) to confirm the answer.
Step 10: Still if not found? Mark and move on.
  • If you can’t find the answer after searching two likely sections, mark the question for a later attempt and move on.
  • Don’t get stuck – time is valuable! 
Bonus tips:
  • Manage your time wisely: Allocate appropriate time to each question based on difficulty.
  • Think, don’t just match: Don’t rely solely on keyword matching. Understand the context and meaning of the information.
  • Practice makes perfect: Use correct methods to practice rather than just do the sample materials like an exercise. 
  • Remember, these are just guiding steps. Adapt them to your reading style and test-taking approach. Stay calm, be focused, and conquer those answers!


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