Phrases for Making Suggestions

Phrases for Making Suggestions


When making suggestions in a healthcare setting, it’s important to convey your recommendations clearly and respectfully. Here are some phrases to help you make suggestions effectively:


  1. Suggesting a Course of Action:

  “I would recommend considering…”

  “It might be beneficial to explore…”

  “One option we could explore is…”


  1. Highlighting a Potential Solution:

  “Given your symptoms, I suggest trying…”

  “An effective approach could be…”

  “To address this issue, we might want to consider…”


  1. Encouraging Open Discussion:

  “I’d like to discuss a potential strategy with you.”

  “Let’s talk about some options that may be suitable for your situation.”

  “Your input is important; let’s explore together what might work best for you.”


  1. Presenting Alternatives:

  “We have a few options to consider. One of them is…”

  “Here are a couple of approaches we could take: [Option 1] and [Option 2].”

  “I’d like to suggest alternative methods such as…”


  1. Framing Suggestions Positively:

  “I believe that [suggested action] could positively impact your health.”

  “Taking this step might contribute to improving your overall well-being.”

  “This suggestion is aimed at enhancing your quality of life.”


  1. Considering Patient Preferences:

  “Considering your preferences, a possible approach could be…”

  “I want to ensure that any suggestion aligns with your comfort and preferences.”

  “Your input is crucial in determining the most suitable option for you.”


  1. Emphasizing Collaborative Decision-Making:

  “Let’s work together to decide on the best way forward.”

  “Your involvement in the decision-making process is important, so I’d like to hear your thoughts on these suggestions.”

  “I value your input, and together we can make a decision that suits you best.”


  1. Linking Suggestions to Health Goals:

  “This suggestion aligns with your health goals of…”

  “Considering your desire to achieve [specific health goal], I recommend…”

  “To support your long-term health objectives, I propose…”


  1. Highlighting Benefits:

  “One advantage of [suggested action] is…”

  “By considering this option, you may experience…”

  “This suggestion has been successful in helping others with similar conditions achieve…”


Remember to adapt these phrases based on the specific context and individual needs. Effective communication in healthcare involves fostering a collaborative and open dialogue with patients, ensuring that they feel informed and involved in the decision-making process.

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