50 Most Common Idioms with Meaning

50 Most Common Idioms with Meaning

  1. A dime a dozen: very common or ordinary

  2. A blessing in disguise: something that seems bad at first but turns out to be good

  3. A penny for your thoughts: curious about what someone is thinking

  4. Barking up the wrong tree: looking in the wrong place for something

  5. Beat around the bush: avoid getting to the main point

  6. Better late than never: it’s good that something happened even if it was delayed

  7. Bite the bullet: accept something unpleasant that must be done

  8. Break a leg: good luck (often used for performances)

  9. Call it a day: stop working or doing something for now

  10. Cut corners: do something in a quick and possibly dishonest way

  11. Cut someone some slack: be understanding and forgiving of someone’s mistake

  12. Easy does it: be careful and take things slowly

  13. Feel under the weather: not feeling well

  14. Get cold feet: lose your courage about doing something

  15. Give someone the benefit of the doubt: trust someone even though you’re not sure they deserve it

  16. Go back to the drawing board: start planning something again from the beginning

  17. Hang in there: be patient and keep trying

  18. Hit the sack: go to bed

  19. It’s not rocket science: something is not difficult to understand

  20. Keep your head above water: deal with difficult circumstances without giving up

  21. Kill two birds with one stone: achieve two things at the same time

  22. Let bygones be bygones: forget about past arguments or disagreements

  23. Let the cat out of the bag: reveal a secret

  24. Make a long story short: to summarize something

  25. Miss the boat: fail to take advantage of an opportunity

  26. No pain, no gain: you have to work hard to achieve something

  27. Once in a blue moon: very rarely

  28. On thin ice: in a dangerous or precarious situation

  29. Pay an arm and a leg: cost a lot of money

  30. Pull the wool over someone’s eyes: deceive someone

  31. See eye to eye: agree with someone

  32. Spill the beans: reveal a secret

  33. Steal someone’s thunder: take credit for something someone else did

  34. Take it with a grain of salt: don’t believe everything you hear

  35. Talk the talk, but walk the walk: be able to do something as well as you say you can

  36. The early bird gets the worm: the first person to try will be successful

  37. Throw in the towel: give up

  38. Through thick and thin: in good times and bad times

  39. Time flies: time seems to pass quickly

  40. Under the weather: not feeling well

  41. Up in the air: uncertain or undecided

  42. When pigs fly: something that will never happen

  43. You can’t have your cake and eat it too: you can’t have everything you want

  44. You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours: I do something for you if you do something for me

  45. You snooze, you lose: if you don’t take action, you will miss out on an opportunity

  46. Bend over backwards: try very hard to please someone

  47. Burn the midnight oil: stay up late working

  48. Cost an arm and a leg: be very expensive

  49. Hit the nail on the head: say exactly what is right

  50. Once in a blue moon: very rarely

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