IELTS Writing Map – Rainwater Harvesting

The diagram depicts the various steps involved in the water purification process through rainwater harvesting in an Australian town. Collected during the rainy season, water undergoes three key stages before becoming potable for households.

Initially, rainwater from diverse sources converges and flows through drains to reach a water filter, where it undergoes treatment for impurities. Subsequently, the treated water is directed to a storage tank before progressing to the next phase. In the second stage, the water undergoes further treatment to eliminate germs and bacteria, achieved by the addition of chemicals to ensure its suitability for drinking. Finally, in the last stage, the purified fresh water is supplied to households, and ready for consumption.

The diagram illustrates the efficiency of rainwater harvesting as an economical method to utilize abundant rainwater collected in homes, emphasizing the simplicity and brevity of the described purification process.

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