IELTS Writing Map – School

The two maps effectively depict the evolution of a school campus since 1985, showcasing substantial transformations. Notably, the school has undergone significant changes to meet the demands of a growing student population. The primary alterations include the addition of classrooms and the development of various sports and educational facilities. Additionally, modifications have been made to enhance the school’s accessibility and parking infrastructure.

In 1985, the school accommodated 1500 students, utilizing entrance and exit points on both sides of a large car park. A central road branched off, leading to expansive playing fields. On one side of the campus, facilities such as classrooms, a small parking lot, a library, and an office were clustered, while the opposite side featured a two-story block of classrooms.

Presently, the student population has surged to 2300. While the office remains unchanged, the library has been downsized and transformed into a modern learning resources center, housing a computer room. This change allowed for the expansion of the classroom building. Adjacent to this, a new gymnasium with an indoor swimming pool has been erected, claiming approximately half of the playing fields. Furthermore, a third floor has been added to the classroom block, accompanied by the construction of additional classrooms nearby. The small car park has been entirely eliminated, and the rectangular road has been reshaped into a semicircular path, while the central road in the campus has been removed.

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