OET Writing Letter Format

OET Writing Letter Format

Address of the reader

  1. Ms/Mr/Mrs. First name Second name
  2. Designation
  3. Address

4. Date of Writing


5. Dear Ms/Mr. Second name

Reference line

6. Re: Ms/Mr Patient’s full name, D.O.B/age/Born

Introduction paragraph 

7. Patient’s full name
8. Related concern.
9. Patient requirement.

First paragraph 

10. Presenting complaints
11. Observations
12. Assessment
13. Treatment given
14. Progress

Second paragraph 

15. Relevant Social History
16. Relevant Medical history 

Third Paragraph 

Request/ recommendation paragraph 

17. The basic necessity for the patient
Relevant care needed
19. Relevant procedures to be done
20. Relevant reference
21. Precautionary statements 

Fourth Paragraph

Conclusion paragraph 

22. Documents attached
23. Contact for further details 

Sign off

24. Yours faithfully (No reader name)

Yours sincerely (Reader name is given)





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