OET Writing Nursing Sample -1

OET Writing Nursing Sample -1

Read the case notes below and complete the writing task which follows.

Case Notes:

You are the Community Nurse who has been looking after Mr Brian Johnson at his home.
Patient details: Mr. Brian Johnson
Age: 64 years of age
First attended to: 22/02/2018
Medical issue: Bruising and grazing (body and face)
Mental state: Alert
Divorced for 24 year period
Nil children/dependants
Nil siblings
Lives Kempsey (100-acre semi-remote property)
Difficult access to property (approx. 30 min walk shops)
Uneven path/gravelly/potholes-many
Medical history:
Cerebrovascular accident (CVA)-2013→ physical impairment L side
Unsteady gait → walking cane for mobility
Slight speech impairment
Hypertension since 2001 (Ramipril currently)

Fall on way to shops
Grazing and bruising to L knee/elbow/face
GP home visit→ Clean & dress wounds
Referral received by Community Nurse for visit as needed regular wound care + ADLs (activities of daily living)
Visitation by CN (Community Nurse) to assess/introduction

Nil infection noted – wounds redressed
Patient very unstable with walking cane
Patient advised re: wheelie walker for ↑ stability – refused
Recommended OT modification aids to support balance and ADLS
Suggested social worker contact for support – refused
Next visit scheduled for 3 days

Wounds healing well-redressed
Appeared slightly disorientated
↓ confidence w/ walking cane
Mood pessimistic/reticent
Reinforced need for social worker-flatly refused
Modifications to home and surrounds necessary
Advised OT assessment to aid ADL’s- initial resistance → reluctantly agreed
Able to self-manage wound care

Writing task:
As the Community Nurse involved, and using the information in the case notes, write a letter of referral to Ms Stephanie Craven, Occupational Therapist, Cherrybrook Clinic, 93 Appletree Drive, Cherrybrook, outlining the need for occupational therapy intervention and management.
In your answer:
expand the relevant notes into complete sentences do not use note form
use letter format
The body of the letter should be approximately 180-200 words.



Ms Stephanie Craven
Occupational Therapist
Cherrybrook Clinic
93 Appletree Drive

Re: Mr. Brian Johnson, 64-year-old

Dear Ms. Craven,

I am writing to refer Mr. Brian Johnson for occupational therapy intervention and management following a fall injury.

Mr. Johnson has been under my supervision since February 22, 2018, due to bruising and grazing sustained on his body and face. His medical history includes a cerebrovascular accident in 2013, resulting in physical impairment on his left side, an unsteady gait requiring a walking cane for mobility, and slight speech impairment. Additionally, he has been managing hypertension since 2001 with Ramipril medication.

Despite our efforts to address his needs, Mr. Johnson’s condition presents challenges. His living situation on a semi-remote 100-acre property in Kempsey poses difficulties in accessing medical care, with an uneven path and gravelly terrain complicating mobility. Moreover, recent incidents of falls have increased concerns about his safety and independence.

During follow-up visits, Mr. Johnson has shown reluctance towards recommended aids and support services, including a wheelie walker and assistance from a social worker. His disorientation and decreased confidence with his walking cane indicate a need for comprehensive assessment and intervention.

I believe that your expertise in occupational therapy would greatly benefit Mr. Johnson in improving his mobility, safety, and overall quality of life. I kindly request your assistance in assessing his needs and implementing appropriate interventions to support his activities of daily living.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. Please feel free to contact me for any further queries.

Yours sincerely,

Community Nurse


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