Phrasal Verbs Essential for OET Speaking Roleplay

Phrasal Verbs for OET Speaking Roleplay

Phrasal Verbs in OET Speaking Roleplay

A phrasal verb is the combination of a verb with (a particle) a preposition or adverb or both. It functions as a verb and often changes the meaning of the verb. That is with the new meaning which is different from the combined meanings of the individual words.

Phrasal verbs plays a great role in keeping your English quite informal during the OET speaking roleplay.

Most Useful Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs starting with A

admitted to

Eg: Matilda, you are being admitted to our hospital for the removal of the lesion from the back. Am I correct?

associated with

The last time I saw you were associated with a biopsy. Isn’t it?

advised to

You are advised to take a rest for two weeks time.

advice on

Advice on vaccinations will be provided by the local health center.

allergic to

May I know, are you allergic to any medications, please.

arrived at

Did the bleeding stop when you arrived at the hospital?

arrived in

Rebeca, your son has arrived in Bristol 10 minutes before. and he will be here very soon.

Phrasal Verbs starting with B

bring on

Daisy, stress can bring on an asthma attack.

border on

I know you are feeling tense bordering on surgery

Phrasal Verbs starting with C

consist in

Health does not consist in how many times you eat in a day.

consist of

your diet should consist of more protein and minerals.

commence on

Your diet preparations for the surgery commence on Monday.

Phrasal Verbs starting with D

diagnosed with

Emily, you have been diagnosed with type -II diabetics.

diagnosis of

Kate, your test results confirmed the diagnosis of COVID-19

discharged on

You will be discharged on the 10th of September.

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