Phrases for Seeking Approval or Consent

Phrases for Seeking Approval or Consent


When seeking approval or consent in a healthcare setting, it’s important to communicate clearly and respectfully. Here are some phrases you can use:


  1. Requesting Permission:

  “May I proceed with [procedure/treatment]?”

  “Is it acceptable if we move forward with [action]?”

  “Could I have your permission to [perform a specific task]?”


  1. Verifying Consent:

  “I want to ensure I have your consent before we proceed. Are you comfortable with [proposed action]?”

  “Before we continue, can you confirm your agreement with [the proposed plan]?”

  “I’d like to confirm that you are on board with [the suggested course of action].”


  1. Ensuring Understanding:

  “Before we go any further, do you have any questions or concerns about [what is proposed]?”

  “I want to make sure you fully understand the implications of [the suggested approach]. Can we discuss any uncertainties you may have?”

  “I’m here to provide additional information if needed. Are you clear about [what is being proposed]?”


  1. Empowering the Patient/Individual:

  “Your input is crucial in making decisions about your care. How do you feel about [the proposed plan]?”

  “I want you to feel in control of your healthcare. Can you share your thoughts on [the suggested course of action]?”

  “Your perspective matters. Would you like to discuss any preferences or concerns related to [the proposed procedure]?”


  1. Expressing Flexibility:

  “I’m here to work with you, and your comfort is a priority. If you have reservations about [what is suggested], we can explore alternative options.”

  “Your well-being is paramount. If you’re not entirely comfortable with [the proposed action], we can adjust our approach.”

  “I value your consent, and I’m open to modifying the plan based on your preferences. How would you like to proceed?”


  1. Confirming Agreement:

  “If you agree, we can move forward with [the recommended course of action].”

  “Your consent is important to us. Shall we proceed as discussed?”

  “Thank you for your understanding. Can I confirm that you are okay with [what has been proposed]?”


Always ensure that the individual has the information they need to make an informed decision, and create an environment that encourages open communication throughout the process of seeking approval or consent.


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