Usage of Comma

Usage of comma

The Comma (,) Rules With Examples

1. Use To Separate Items in a Series
Example: Ms Mihira is being treated with metformin, IV antibiotics, and saline daily dressing.
Note: Comma before ‘and’ is important.

2. Use Before Coordinating Conjunctions (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so)
Example: Ms Mihira has unstable diabetes, but follows a poor dietary pattern.

3. Use When Quoting Someone
Example: “I took over-the-counter pain medication,” said Mihira.

4. Use After Introductory Clauses and Phrases
Example: Because Mihira was in pain, she requested pain medication.

5. Use After Introductory Adverbs and Mild Interjections
Apparently, Mihira mobilized slowly.
Yes, I took medications as per Dr Mihira’s instruction.

6. Use To Highlight Non-Defining Clauses
Example: Mihira, who is a retired pensioner, lives alone.

7. Use To Separate Coordinate Adjectives
Example: It is self-limiting, intermittent, and shooting pain.

8. Use To Address Someone Directly
Example: I understand your words, Mihira.

9. Use When Indicating Negation
Example: Ms Mihira made good progress, not recovered fully.

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